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 Our goal is to empower and equip individuals with intellectual and/or developmental differences (IDD) with tools necessary to achieve a more independent life. We are able to assist these individuals with reaching these milestones through our Proclaiming Our Potential (P.O.P.) Day Program. Each participant is mentored and provided practical lessons that build vital social, life, and vocational skills. Building these skills is key to them reaching a greater level of independent living.  Our P.O.P. participants consist of men and women with varying degrees of disabilities, from various backgrounds, and who represent a variety of races and cultures. We provide a  positive environment for our participants without discrimination or predetermination of ability. Our program provides a safe environment for our participants to connect with their peers, voice concerns and opinions, engage in their community, explore different cultures, participate in the Arts, and train for employment through practical application with relevant lessons.  Our program also offers the opportunity for practical application of job skills through participation in various areas within our organization.  

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